LATE POST: The 26th VW Classic and Custom Car Show

Volkswagen Car Show
Bumper to Bumper

K’s band, Radiostation, was invited to play during the 26th VW Classic and Custom Car Show, held a few weeks ago at the Fort Bonifacio Naval Grounds. It was the first time we attended a car show, and though the rain kinda dampened our spirits at first, seeing the classically beautiful vintage cars on display truly cheered us up. I didn’t even mind sloshing through the water to take photos! The cars were really gorgeous.

Volkswagen Car Show

There were Volkswagen cars in all shapes and colors: some retained their cars original looks, and some are heavily customized. My favorite was a Beetle that had monster wheels. It even had a vanity plate that said “MONSTER”

AND I got to see my dream car in real life:

Volkswagen Car Show
The Thing IRL

Hello there, The Thing. When will you be mine?

Volkswagen Car Show
Roses are red

There’s something about vintage cars that really takes my breath away. Somehow they just seem more beautiful to me than modern models. It’s not a joke to acquire and maintain a car that for the most part, you can’t use in the crazy streets of Manila, but who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be driving my very own customized, light blue VW Type 181 to work. Not likely but it’s nice to dream :D

Volkswagen Car Show
Violets are Blue

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