Y! Rocks Concert, well, rocks!

Y! Rocks Concert, well, rocks!

December 9, 2011 6:37 pm 14 comments

Ely Buendia at Y! Rocks

Ready, sing!

We were lucky enough to score a few SVIP tickets from our friend, so we got to see some of the best bands in the country in Yahoo Philippines’ Y! Rocks concert last night.

SVIP Entrance at Y! Rocks

Here we go

Y! Rocks is an effort by Yahoo Philippines to promote OPM. I don’t know how exactly they’re planning to do it, or if it involves more initiatives other than holding a concert every year (which as announced, they would).

We got the golden ticket!

The concert we attended (in Mall of Asia concert grounds) was one of the three that are simultaneously being held all throughout the country. The concert was available via live streaming as well.

Some of the bands we got to see were Pupil, Wolfgang, The Dawn, General Luna, Parokya ni Edgar, Sandwich, and a few others.

Y! Rocks Concert

All rained out

It was raining like crazy but we couldn’t pass up such good tickets. After the concert, I was sneezing all through the drive home. :)) But it was great! Music is not much up my alley, but I did enjoy myself very much. The bands I liked best were Parokya ni Edgar and The Dawn (K will say it’s Pupil, though).

The rain barely let up for the first 2 or 3 hours, but luckily, it stopped just when our favorites took the stage, so I got a few photos (first time I was close enough to the stage to take em!). One guy squeezed himself in the space right in front of me. :| I wanted to slap him but I slowly but steadily boxed him out of our space instead. He went away eventually. Haha!

Razorback at Y! Rocks

Between heads

Parokya ni Edgar at Y! Rocks

"Umiiyak ka na naman"

Sandwich at Y! Rocks

Somethin' in mah face?

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