D-Day! (Divisoria Day)

Orange Vendors at Divisoria
Early morning dose of Vitamin C

K and I are going to climb Mt. Pulag in February! It’s our first time to attempt mountain climbing, and we’re going to Luzon’s highest peak. Ambitious, yes? But we heard the trail was pretty easy and the photos are ruddy marvelous. I sweet-talked/conned K into coming with me by saying we’ll have a lot of amazing photos for our Facebook profile pics. However, we lack the necessary equipment to spend a night away from civilization. Since we don’t know if we’re going to survive and/or repeat the experience, we’re wary of spending too much on things we might not need again, so we decided to go to Divisoria early one morning and look for inexpensive hiking/camping stuff.

Working Man at Divisoria
Don't look at the camera, Darla

90% of what you need to live can probably be found in Divisoria. Clothes, food, canisters, knives. There’s really no limit to the wares that a variety of vendors sell here. It’s even more interesting to go here during the Yuletide season–the place is packed with vendors and buyers alike. You actually have to walk to where you want to go, since the streets are brimming with various items for sale. Most Filipinos do their Christmas shopping here (including us!) because everything is so cheap. You can find some really good stuff to give away, if you have the patience to brave through the throng of Christmas shoppers.

However, we learned through the hard way that though you can find almost everything in Divisoria (Axes? Check! Firecrackers? Check! Pillows? Check! Marshmallows? Check!), it’s not a place you can find camping equipment you feel comfortable going to the wilderness with. Items here are mostly knockoffs, and we kept thinking that it’s startlingly possible that we may not make it all the way to the top without something getting ripped/broken, and then where would we be? So no, we didn’t get what we came for but it was a good trip all the same. In places like this, you can’t help seeing interesting people doing interesting things. Makes for good photojournalism, won’t you say? :)

Corn on the cob at Divisoria
Corn Rows
Barbequed corn at Divisoria
Corn Roast
Bubble play at Divisoria
Being a kid
Problem kid at Divisoria
Not being a kid
Knives for sale at Divisoria
King of the Knives
Santa Claus at Divisoria
Christmas isn't over yet
Firecrackers at Divisoria
But we're preparinf for New Year
Vendors at Divisoria
People at work
Eating kid at Divisoria
People not at work
Lucky charms at Divisoria
Lucky Dragons
Sweeps at Divisoria
Off my feet
Fish stall at Divisoria
Something smells fishy
Onions and Garlic at Divisoria
Sa Pula, Sa Puti
Popcorn Wagon at Divisoria
Pink popcorn, anyone?

7 thoughts on “D-Day! (Divisoria Day)

  1. I love Divisoria! I’ve been going there since I was young. My mom would bring me and I would go home with buttloads of stuff I never knew I needed. :p

    Haven’t been there in a while but thanks to this post, I plan to go there after Christmas :)

  2. Love your photos, what camera do you use? Buti di ka natakot na ma-snatch siya? Hahaha. Been to Pulag about three years ago and di niyo naman talaga kailangan ng hardcore na mountain gear. :)

    1. Hi Ayla! Haha kaso we don’t have kahit basic lang like backpacks and tents. :)) I use my trusty 3-year-old Sony H3. Medyo bumibigay na nga eh, I’m looking for a nice replacement pero wala pa akong makitang maganda. It has 10x optical zoom kasi kaya love na love ko yung camera ko hehehe. I was with some friends naman saka naka-ikot ng malupit yung strap sa kamay ko =))

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