I was a kid again at Manila Zoo

Mali the elephant
Mali from Manila

A few weeks ago, I read several articles about the depressing state of Manila Zoo. I was so disheartened by the photos I saw and stories I’ve read: horses and donkeys with bones poking through their skin, monkeys eating plastic, and various animals living in their own filth. A lot of people called for the zoo to close down and I can’t say they overreacted. I myself wanted to close it down after seeing those horrible photos. And even after going there myself and seeing that it’s really not half as bad as it looked in articles I’ve read online, I still want it to close down.

I enjoyed myself very much and I don’t doubt that the people who went here also did. The last time I went here was about 15 years ago, and revisiting the place is an expressway back to my childhood. I don’t deny it: as I walked from enclosure to enclosure, I felt myself release the knots from my shoulders, felt adulthood slip away. Such is the therapeutic effects of being around animals, I guess. I was a kid again.

But that’s the point. Going there does me good, but how does the animals benefit from my visit? The first version of this entry got kind of depressing, and the gist of everything I want to say is that if we absolutely have to keep animals in captivity, we should at the very least give them the best quality of life that we can.

Done with the heavy stuff. Now, enjoy some photos. :) And if you ever want to visit the zoo, it’s very cheap (40 PHP, 20 PHP for Manila residents). Try not to tease the animals and if you want to feed them, bring food that’s safe for them to eat (no chips, please!)

Monkeys from Manila Zoo
They are 2% of DNA difference away from being humans
Ducks from Manila Zoo
They are ducklings, but ugly they are not
Guinea Pig from Manila Zoo
Quite literally a guinea pig
Monkey from Manila Zoo
Screaming or Hungry?
Tiger from Manila Zoo
Never mess with someone who just woke up. Or a tiger.
Zebra from Manila Zoo
No two zebras are exactly alike
Turtles from Manila Zoo
Slow to walk, but they sure breed fast
Crocodile from Manila Zoo
Hello visitor, I see you
Tamaraw from Manila Zoo
Tamaraws. Not the effects.

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    1. I wouldn’t mind paying more but I guess that’s not an option right now, or they would’ve done it long ago? I don’t know.

      Thanks for visiting too :)

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