Fell in love–hook, line, & oblique nib holder.

La Bella Scrittura Calligraphy Workshop
Here we go again

If this escalates to an addiction, I’m blaming Steve.

I’ve seen them around of course. Admired them even. You know, those photos of handwritten calligraphy all over Instagram. Most like to write out inspirational phrases, some lyrics. A few here and there have a little bit more edge. And like them I did, but the admiration was, to say the least, superficial–I appreciated the nostalgic feel, but nothing more than that.

La Bella Scrittura Calligraphy Workshop
Lots of ink on display! Itching to try em all

Then I read Steve Jobs’ biography (by Walter Isaacson) a few weeks ago, and though it seems cliche and, well, a bit BS,  in very subtle ways it truly changed the way I see and do things: gained a deeper understanding of form language and design, and a slightly sharper eye for what makes things beautiful. And then I came across this tidbit:


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Ilocos Trip Day 2: Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud

Ilocos Trip - Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud
Rise up this morning

Well, first of all, I’m really sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. I’ve been cleaning up my drafts to get ready for a fresh new start, and couldn’t bear to delete this one. I truly like the photos I took here.

But I’m kinda not in the mood to write about a trip that happened so long ago, and I’ve kinda forgotten about it also. I wouldn’t do it justice, so I’m just gonna put these photos up here and hope they take you with me on a summer trip long ago, and paint the story that my words failed to do.


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Ilocos Trip Day 1: Bangui Windmills

Ilocos Tour - Bangui Windmills
They remind me of picket fences (Tom would have a hard time painting these)

Sometimes I go to places that so resembles something I’ve read in a book that I feel like I’m in that book and someone’s reading about me. When we went to see the Bangui Windmills, I felt a little like that. For so long, I’ve enviously viewed so many photos of friends (both online and IRL) who went that place that visiting it myself and seeing the humongous, white, fan-like structures against the brilliant blue sky was almost surreal. I couldn’t quite believe that I was there. (more…)

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Ilocos Trip Day 1: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Ilocos Tour - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
"Travel penetrates your consciousness, but not in a rational way." -- Milton Glaser

Immediately after graduating, I jumped right into the slave-like life we young(ish) ‘uns like to refer to as the “corporate world.” 8-to-5 jobs are not very friendly to traveling plans, and I guess I just kind of let that excuse get in the way of my desire to get out and see more of the world–something I suspect I’ll regret till I’m wrinkled and gray. (more…)

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